Am I A Fashionista?

Hello Dear Fashion Lovers!!

Honestly speaking, I am growing, learning, and evolving my skills on a daily basis. Before I started my fashion company, I knew next to nothing about fashion except for the way it made me feel and I found people utilizing the term “fashionista” rather often and sometimes way too often when addressing the wrong segment because many of them don’t really know who is a real fashionista!

Recently, I was asked by a close friend to write an article to help us wrap our fingers around the concept of what it means to be a fashionista.

In today’s urban society, fashionista is not considered a negative term. Actually it has been modernized into a much more positive, powerful and successful feminine role.

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“Fashionista’s” simply look at fashion as an Art, their bodies as the Canvas and the sense of style they develop along the way is simply the Masterpiece. They just happen to know (what is called) a “good hand” in fashion.

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For me, she is a woman who is feminine and well dressed. A woman, who follows fashion passionately to some degree, certainly is not a slave to fashion. Simply, she is a woman who likes to express herself through clothes and accessories. She can be a designer, model, photographer, buyer, writer or wearer.

“Although most dictionary meanings do not denote any negativity, the term seems to have once been used as an insult to describe someone who is overly concerned with fashion.”

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So I can say that I Am A Fashionista because:

  • I am a person who loves anything and everything to do with fashion with a timeless wardrobe that will always accommodate a few current trends.
  • I like to express my mood, my personality through my look.
  • I love to dress up and express myself
  • I love to know all about the labels I wear, their history, and their industry to know if they complete me and connect with my passion to fashion.
  • I like to know what was the inspiration behind the designer’s choices when I attend a fashion show and what messages are they transmitting.
  • For me, fashion is not just the clothes I wear, they help me state my identity and what I want the world to know about me and what I wear should make me accept of who I am at the deepest level.

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I am a fashionista. My love for fashion gives my life color, purpose and joy whenever I am able to experience it in its true form.

I encourage every fashionista, even if she doesn’t work in the fashion industry like me, to read about the companies who own their favorite brands, to look for the up-and-coming brands and not just focus on following and purchasing high-fashion labels.

Have a fashionable day!

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Brands in photos:

@Bimbaylola @Xeniadesign @Michaelkors @Karllagerfeld @Karen_millen @Zara @Desigual @Superdryglobal @ted_baker @gafferandfluf @topshop @essentielantwerp


One thought on “Am I A Fashionista?

  1. Very nice article!! Fashion isn’t just clothes you
    wear, it’s a reflection of your identity. So be wise in
    choosing your look ! #proud to be a #fashionista

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