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Hello friends,

So many women ask me about the secret of my healthy weight although I have touched my mid-age(shuuuuu, don’t tell anyone). The best answer I can give is the following:

Growing up in a Lebanon, I was fortunate to experience the benefits of healthy eating and habits at an early age. Our diet is heavy in fruits, vegetables, grains, olive oil, beans, and low in meat, dairy and eggs which is beneficial for our heart, eyes and brain function. And did you know that 5 Harvard Medical Studies confirmed that mediterranean diet is the most effective for shedding pounds in comparison to a low-fat diet, a low-carb diet, and the ADA diet?

So, coming back to my eating habits:

  • I eat small healthy snacks all day long mainly fruits, vegetables and raw nuts.
  • I eat mainly Lebanese food such as the ones pictured in this blog where I had a function at Zahr El-Layoum- one of the most famous lebanese cuisines.
  • I have Tabouleh as my dinner almost every night because, as one article noted,  tabouleh was ranked as one of the healthiest dishes in the world. It can flush out excess fluid from your body, boost your immune system, detox your body and lower the risk of heart diseases. Tabouleh is made of tomatoes, parsley, mint, bulgur and onion, and seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and sweet pepper. Don’t add garlic, cucumber or couscous as some sites suggest.

Bon Appetit, and Keep Well!!


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