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Let your Personality Shine through your Style & Look Fabulous!

Your attitude behind the clothes you wear can make or break your look. However, having self-confidence alone doesn’t always necessarily equal great style. I believe that it is a combination of 3 things that make people look so darn good:

  • Knowing what clothes to wear and how to wear them to give you the best body (outfit) proportions and fit.
  • Knowing your best colors and how to use them to your advantage- giving you that healthy and unstoppable glow.
  • Self- confidence meaning letting your personal style shine through.

Your main focus when buying women’s plus size clothing is to “ Create a trimmer silhouette that makes the eye go Up & Down”, instead of side to side. Therefore, it is extremely important that you “select details that are scaled to your body size”.

My recommendations are the following:

Ensure proper fit for NOW and trend thoughtfully!

  • Avoid buying clothes that are a size too small in the hope that you’ll one day fit into them. Buy clothes that you love and fit well so you can wear them right now!
  • It’s great to have goals, but sometimes you just have to live in the present!
  • And make sure the clothes you choose compliment your curves and accentuate the positives since every trend is not made for every body.

Avoid Horizontal stripes! Horizontal stripes are your worst enemy and vertical details are your best friends because they make people’s eye go up & down. So select garments with strong vertical prints and details

Focus on V-necks. They are the perfect neckline when you want your body to look thinner or longer. If you have narrow shoulders then wear a slightly rounded neckline but add a long necklace or a necklace with a vertical pendant for maximum slimming effect. If you have a full bust, I suggest you to look for V-necks that stop right above your cleavage.

Incorporate A Pop Of Color! Contrary to popular belief, black is not the only option if you are a plus size woman because every color could be your color if you know how to wear it.Black doesn’t make you look slimmer all the time; it is actually the design that matters the most. So, make sure you add a pop of color into every outfit. Color will cheer you up and make you stand out and it has the ability to draw attention to certain areas you want to emphasize.

Aim For Nipped Tops: The wider your waist looks, the heavier you will look. A slim waist can visually take 10 pounds off your frame and creates a sexy and appealing hourglass silhouette. So if your waist is on the wider or fuller side, wear clothes that nip at the thinnest part of your waist. However, if you have a full mid-section, stick to empire cut to skim over the tummy. It’s nipped right below your bust, instead of at the waist.

Use Heavier Accessories: Accessories Make the Outfit!

Make sure you splurge on them and choose a bold look to make a statement.

Be on the lookout for:

  • Jewellery styles with a long, vertical pendant shape or long beaded necklaces.
  • Bracelets, rings and watches, which are scaled to the size of your wrists and hands.
  • If you have fuller and muscular calves, you need bigger details such as wider straps and thicker heel (e.g. Wedge instead of stiletto).
  • If you have slim and dainty feet and ankles, opt for fine straps and slimmer heels.
  • When it comes to scarves: wear it long and dangling instead of bundling it up. If you have a big bust, letting one of the ends dangle vertically is ideal.

Don’t Underestimate Your Undergarments! Undergarments are so important for women with curves. Do not skimp on them. It’s all about getting the right foundations of wearing the right underwear, which can make all the difference in showing off your clothes. If you choose well fitting bras and underwear, your clothes will sit better, and you’ll feel much more comfortable and confident.

Don’t forget to invest in a couple of plus size Shape wear, they will trim and tuck in your frame whenever you need it.

Choose The Right Fabrics! Invest in clothing made from high quality fabrics. Cheap fabrics such as polyester can stretch and cling to your body. Instead, opt for silks or cottons that have less give and are more structured.

New Hair, New You! A woman’s hair is her glory; so make sure you take care of it. Find a great stylist and choose a look that compliments your bone structure. Play with color, curls and ponytails.

Finally, “Find the perfect clothing fit with your own Body Measurements”.

  • Measure yourself after a meal (like lunch or dinner) to get the most accurate read of your body
  • Do it a couple of days after or before having your menstrual period

By knowing your body’s 3-dimensional angles, you will be able to select clothes that fit your body figure without the embarrassing tries in the trial room:

Always bring a measure tape when going shopping in a store, especially if you are buying pants, jeans and jackets.
Run your tape across the parts of the clothing and multiply it by 2. Don’t think about the size number on the clothing. Pick the right size according to your own measurements.
Remember to take note of the fabric. If a clothing is of 100% cotton, it will likely shrink after its first wash. So you might want to consider a size larger. An exception is pre-washed clothes like most vintage clothes.


Measuring Your Body Step-by-Step:

Shoulder-to-Shoulder: measure in a straight line from the outer edge from one shoulder to the other.
Bust: Under your arms, around the fullest part of your chest. Wrap the tape around your back and forward to the fullest part of your bust.
Natural waist: around the narrowest part of your torso. We need to find the exact waist measurement, so avoid holding your breath.
Hips: Measure around the widest part of your hips. This should be done with your feet close together.
Inseam: From crotch to the inside of your ankle. Start from the ankle and up. This is best done with a partner. This is how you find your best pants length.

Monique Helou 


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