How to Live Longer

Here are some secrets of longevity for prolonging Life:

  1. Washing your hands adds 2 years.
  2. Good Dental Hygiene can add 6 years in your life.
  3. A stable Married partnership can add on 7 years to life, according to a 2006 study from University of California in L.A. It showed that these people live Healthier, Happier, and Longer lives. A divorce can strip away 3 years from your life.
  4. Regular exercise adds about 2 or more years to your life, according to a Harvard Alumni Study. You should aim to burn at least 2000 calories a week.
  5. Cigarette smoking can reduce 10 years from your life as tobacco smoke contains highly toxic chemicals.
  6. Smoking, No Exercise, Fast Food and a Stressful Life can strip away 20 years.

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